200% sure that all of my friend have secret meetings where they just talk about how annoying I am

I’m sure this is a joke, but the amount of notes it has makes me really sad. I really want people to have more confidence to be themselves, however weird, annoying, crazy or silly they are. If you’re not harming anyone/thing then it’s all okay. If you’re not actually driving anyone crazy it’s ok. I think the key is to think about others. I’m trying. We’re all trying. I’ve been dealing with the side effects of pressuring myself into trying to be ‘cooler’ or ‘normal’ my whole life. It sucks. Hang the consequences. Man, I just got FAR too emotional about this post. 



Sometimes when I’m making a video, I realize that I’m forcing myself to have a unique opinion on a topic when, in fact, it isn’t an honest opinion….it’s just me searching for something interesting to say. That’s OK, I guess, but I’ve been trying not to do it as much.

Sometimes I’m not…

It’s cool to be boring. I’m so boring that when I told my mum about one of my latest hobbies she asked, ‘is this for school?’ Nope, just THAT boring.